What is the CRPL?

The CRPL, in full “Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro”, is a rescue station for endangered chimpanzees and primates located in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, some 40km away from the city of Bukavu.

CRPL currently accommodates 60 chimpanzees as well as 68 other primates which are looked after by Congolese staff. Thus, the CRPL contributes significantly to the rescue and rehabilitation of these confiscated animals. Later, the primates can be released back into their natural environments with high potential for survival.

Besides, also the local population benefits from this project, as the CRPL creates new job opportunities and offers training as well as medical treatment to the people living in the surrounding villages. Moreover, farmers are now able to sell their products to the CRPL at a fair price. Hence, in recent years, the CRLP has become something like a growth engine for the surrounding villages.

The CRPL is financially backed through numerous institutions from Africa, Europa and Australia, who support the CRPL with know-how transfer and collect donations in their relevant home countries.

Why the CRPL needs your support

The DRC’s eastern Kivu region is still severely afflicted with armed conflicts, poverty and violence. Political instability goes along with unchecked natural exploitation like poaching leading to the destruction of livelihoods. In its aim to rescue primates from extinction, the CRPL also offers a better perspective to the people living in the marginalized region.

Nevertheless, the CRPL is still depending on donors from abroad since public support has been scarce, and only few tourists (who could help to co-finance this project) visit the CRPL due to political instability.

Fine, but where is the link to cycling?

We regard our bicycle trip as a perfect opportunity to make people become aware of this project.

As we travel eastwards towards China environmentally sound on bicycle wheels, we also get the chance to meet people from other cultures along the road.

The CRPL takes a similar approach as it involves and supports the people from Lwiro – and learn from them.

But why Africa, not Asia?

The questions is quite easy to answer: we maintain good contacts to aid projects in Africa and thanks to Simon, a friend of us, we could easily identify the CRPL project. Moreover, in 2013 we have already visited the adjacent Kahuzi-Biega National Park and, thus, we are acquainted the local conditions at Lwiro. Please check our picture gallery from our trip to the DRC in 2013.

How can I support the CRPL?

Even the smallest donation from you is important to us and the people (and primates!) in Lwiro. In Germany, the CRPL is represented by the Hamburg-based non-profit association “AWARE e.V.”. AWARE e.V. also accepts donations and assures your money will be directly and completely transferred to the CRPL. All administrative costs are covered by AWARE e.V.


Bank details for donations:


A.W.A.R.E e.V.
HypoVereinsbank München
Bank account: 651961190
BSC: 70020270

IBAN: DE92 7002 0270 0651 9611 90


For the sake of clarity please include the following reference when making the transfer: Bike To Asia

Donations to AWARE e.V. are tax deductible. For donations exceeding the amount of 100 Euro (if requested also for smaller donations), AWARE e.V. can issue a donation receipt to you. In order to receive such a receipt please do not forget to insert your address when making the transfer.

What can I expect in return?

We are pleased about every single donations which supports the work of the CRLP. Therefore every donor will get a postcard from us from a country of his choice. Admittedly it is not easy to find any postcards in China but we will do the best we can to find something appropriate. In order to receive a postcard, please send us a mail with your contact data. Thanks in advance!