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As you can tell by the name of this site, we plan to cycle from Germany to Asia this year starting our trip in the town of Hildesheim, Lower Saxony around the second half of January 2015.

Actually, it only takes about ten hours to cover the distance from Germany to Eastern China by plane. The more adventurous traveller might prefer the Trans Siberian train, a rough 10 day ride through the Russian taiga and Mongolian steppe. Still, we aim to take the long way with our boneshakers, thus reducing our CO2 footprint to near zero.

You may ask yourself what’s the purpose of all this? The answer is simple: curiosity!

As a German-Chinese couple it is our aim to travel from one homecountry to another.Minxin and me have met in Shanghai in early 2009. Since then we took a shine to travelling. Check out this section to learn more about our past travels.

On our way we will cross various climatic zones from the icy Austrian passes via stifling hot Central Asian deserts until ascending the windswept Pamir plains. We hope to get in touch with many cultures and (hopefully) meet a lot of interesting people on our way. This section provides you with a brief (and preliminary) overview of our planned route.

Please keep in touch with us and drop in once in a while for some updates. Although this site is mainly in German we will regularly inform you about our itinerary in English language.

You can either drop us a mail or leave us a short message in our guestbook.

Stay tuned and enjoy!